Data Management and Analytics

Take the right business decisions,
armed with our Advanced Analytics

Data Analysis Service

Information driven data analysis is the requisite to e-Commerce success.

Browsing Behavior Analysis

Our experts conduct analysis of search engine positioning, sales route, keywords, conversion KPI, e-Commerce sales, ROI, and sales.

Purchasing Behavior Analysis

We can conduct analysis of consumer behavior, consumer shift, consumer purchase, consumer active rate, data quality, and repurchase.

Product Analysis

Our experts have experience in conducting product analysis such as customer segmentation, conversion rate, inventory turnover rate, bestselling combination items, and items sales forecast. We can also help with efficient buyer recommendations.

Additional Services Provided

Data Management

Our experts will gather business data from various sources, and in different formats to one place. This data is analyzed, prioritized, and categorized into a usable format. This service includes data migration, data analytics, data categorization and content optimization.

Web Analytics

We conduct in-depth analysis of data collected from various analytical sources, as well as provide specialized services such as competitive analysis of prices, intelligent and efficient product management, and analytical code integrations.

“With so many online platforms out there, it is tough to create a dent in the market. Our previous website had a variety of products, but the number of customers and purchases were not as high as we wanted. Our link was nowhere in the first 10 pages in a Google search. Our Futurism Commerce store put us on the online map for industrial and janitorial products.”

Sherlyn Garza,
JPC Catalog

“With complete management of customers, orders, accounts, prices, and inventories, we were able to maintain the number of customer calls and communications. The simple processes enhanced the user experience immensely. We have received many compliments from clients for the same.”

Grant Eagle,
Air Power Products, Ltd.