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Enterprise Edition: Futurism
Commerce for Global

Futurism Commerce is the most future-friendly e-Commerce platform you will ever come across! No other e-Commerce platform provides you the benefit of crafting user-friendly shopping experiences with minimum efforts. You can take advantage of several out-of-the-box features, as well as unlimited personalization options. It enables you a plethora of third-party integrations too. This is why Futurism Commerce is an unbeaten leader in e-Commerce.

  • Advanced and easy-to-use marketing tools.
  • Dedicated Server = 99.9% uptime.
  • Create marketing promotions that sell easily.
  • Third party integrations.

Business Intelligence:
Futurism Commerce
Business Intelligence

Futurism Commerce provides you easy insights of your business. Our robust features will help you gain valuable information about your business without hiring a team of experts. There are several features, which enable you set goals, share work reports, as well as motivate your team. We will help you acquire, convert, and retain customers easily with minimum efforts.

  • Data-driven features.
  • Professional data management services.
  • Cut down your marketing expenses
  • Catapult your ROI.

Futurism e-Commerce
Advanced Business Analytics

Like any other B2C or B2B organization, you have to deal with order history, customer segment data, website visitor data, ERP, and marketing campaign results – store on different systems. How do you compile them? We offer a range of robust analytics tools that will help retrieve all your important business data, and presents it in a consumable form. This will help you review, and access the importance of your data.

  • A single interconnected interface allowing full view of business transactions over all channels including Google Analytics, your traditional ERP, and customer segmentation information.
  • Monitors your business success by mapping the available data with your business goals.
  • Helps identify early trends, which you can easily spot, understand, as well as respond.
  • Helps organize a large amount of data in usable format for your business success.


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“With so many online platforms out there, it is tough to create a dent in the market. Our previous website had a variety of products, but the number of customers and purchases were not as high as we wanted. Our link was nowhere in the first 10 pages in a Google search. Our Futurism Commerce store put us on the online map for industrial and janitorial products.”

Sherlyn Garza,
JPC Catalog

“With complete management of customers, orders, accounts, prices, and inventories, we were able to maintain the number of customer calls and communications. The simple processes enhanced the user experience immensely. We have received many compliments from clients for the same.”

Grant Eagle,
Air Power Products, Ltd.