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Futurism Commerce
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Microsoft Technologies

Organizations receive high volumes of cluttered data from various sources. It becomes a constant struggle for them to manage this data’s exploding volume, diversity, and complexity. The cost of storing such data is extremely high. The security certification required to maintain such data is much higher.

Importance of Security

If an organization stores a client’s sensitive data, it is the organization’s responsibility to provide sufficient levels of protection to ensure use of the information. Customers place their trust in such organizations by allowing them access to sensitive banking information including credit card data. The need for a secure system to manage and store this data is essential.

How Futurism Commerce Helps

Futurism Commerce offers a solution that ensures maximum security. Futurism Commerce uses 3DES algorithm for Data Encryption. PCI DSS is the international security standard for organizations. 3DES is PCI DSS compliant. 3DES secures customer information and PCI DSS helps us secure customer payment information. Peace of mind is guaranteed when using such a reliable security system.

PCI Compliance Benefits

The following benefits can be accrued by an organization opting for Futurism Commerce:

  • Increased Trust with Potential and Current Customers
  • Protection from Fines
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Increased Consumer Confidence
  • Improved Google Ranking
  • Increased Security
  • Cost Efficient
  • Avoid Lawsuits, Insurance Claims, Cancelled Accounts, Payment Card Issuer Fines, Government Fines, & Chargebacks