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Efficient Way to
Process Orders Quickly

Futurism Commerce Order Management coordinates your customers’ experience across all sales and fulfillment channels. It gathers information from each touchpoint, orchestrating and optimizing based on rules and processes. From capture, to source, and ultimately fulfillment, the customer remains at the center of your operation at all times.

Process Order Quickly

There are various integrated features that help you process order quickly. Track each step of order processing right from receiving the order to shipping it.

Returned Orders

You can use the returned orders feature to track the process – from the time of reporting to the time it is received at your warehouse. In addition to that you can create selectable choices for a customer to specify why the product is being returned. Also, you can specify options a customer can receive for a product return such as money back policy, option to select another product, etc.

Order Tracking

You can use this robust feature to track the order, once it leaves your facility. This will help you guide your customers appropriately.

Invoice Generation

You can easily create invoice using this feature. The invoice can be shared across various departments such as customer logistics department or accounts department.

Manage Customer Communications

You can easily answer your customer emails or enquiry from store itself.