Impress Every Shopper, Every Time. Whether You Use Pre-Built e-Commerce Templates, or
Customized Designs, Your e-commerce Store Will Always Be as Striking as Your Business.

Increase your ROI and improve Customer experiences with Advanced Analytics features

Businesses have known for the longest time that selling more products to an existing customer is generally easier than converting a new customer. Futurism offers smart solutions to enable businesses to seek out more revenue from their existing customers using Data Analytics.


The active dashboard will enable you track your sales, orders, and store traffic, and make appropriate business decisions.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics is integrated with your e-commerce store. This helps you track your sales, referrals, and traffic.

Machine Learning Solutions using Data Science

Futurism has designed and developed Machine Learning Solutions offer the following benefits:
Deliver more personalized communications to its customers
Reactivate lapsed customers
Have a better understanding of their sales performance by geographical location

Export Reports

You can export your BI reports to your spreadsheet tool, or other contemporary tools. Also, you can share these reports with your accountant, or book keeper.

Referral Reports/Traffic Reports

Where is your traffic coming from? This information will help you make appropriate adjustments to your e-commerce store. You can easily track your website traffic, sales, and referrals.

BI Reports

You can easily gain insight into your store, and make smarter business decisions. You can see the fast-moving and slow moving products, and build strategies to improve their selling.